Applications of Geostone Exposed

Pool Surrounds

One of the great advantages of Geostone exposed concrete is its skid resistant properties. And a lightly exposed finish will be easy to walk on - even after spending time in the pool.

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The feeling you want to create with a driveway leading to your house is that: ‘I have arrived,’ ‘This is my domain,' ’This place is special’. In conjunction with the front yard and garden, the driveway sets up the first and entire presentation of the house. With Geostone underfoot you’ll want to take your shoes off at the front gate, not the front door!


To ensure a stunning flowing look to your home, continue your Geostone exposed decorative concrete along the sides and pathways of your home to connect with your outdoor entertaining area.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Geostone exposed decorative concrete is perfect for your outdoor entertainment areas - particularly any areas that may be open to the weather and where a non-skid surface is desirable.

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Benefits of Geostone Exposed

A skid resistant, lower maintenance and durable finish ideal for outdoor applications such as driveways, paths and other external areas. This all-weather, highly trafficable finish will provide natural beauty for many years to come.

There are a range of different applications and benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Geostone’s Exposed Concrete range adds a wonderful aesthetic and texture to any living space with the natural colours and shapes of Australian stone. The durability of Exposed Concrete means Geostone is perfect for spaces in your home’s exterior, opening up a variety of options for application. Many of our customers have used Geostone by their pool. The raw texture of the stone not only adds a nice visual effect but also offers slip resistance to the area. An Exposed Concrete patio is also an attractive and functional idea because it is slip resistant. You can use Geostone Exposed Aggregate Concrete for driveways, pathways, gardens, and more.

When you’re looking for something to use outside other than regular concrete, Geostone’s Exposed Concrete range is exactly what you are looking for as it provides beauty and other practical benefits. For more application options or to see if your project idea can benefit from Geostone Exposed Concrete, feel free to contact us today.