5 Simple Tips for Cleaning Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is relatively easy to care for, and it’s this low-maintenance factor that is helping to drive its increasing use in many homes. Here are five cleaning tips for decorative concrete that are not only helpful but also emphasise how simple it is to look after.

Listen to the concrete experts – this could well be the most important step in keeping decorative concrete clean. By following this step, you shouldn’t go wrong. Your decorative concrete supplier or installer (a good installer, anyway) will be able to advise on appropriate cleaning solutions or products for each surface or application. Just as decorative concrete comes in many different forms, so do the products manufactured for cleaning it. Thinking that one cleaning product can be used in all situations is a mistake – and potentially a costly one. Ask the experts for their advice, and follow it.

Regular sweeping saves you in the long term – exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways, walkways and patios require regular sweeping. Leaves, blossoms, twigs and other organic debris, if left to lie on concrete for too long, can cause stains as they decay. A few minutes with a soft-to-medium broom is all it takes to remove this matter – it could also remove the need to undertake more intensive and time-consuming cleaning in the future.

Damp mopping is sometimes all you need – many internal concrete floors require little more than a gentle sweep, or a damp mop using nothing but water. It’s better to do this than apply potentially harmful solvents to the mix. Another reason to consult with experts before you clean.

Rinse thoroughly – any cleaning effort can be wasted if you don’t finish the job. In the case of decorative concrete, particularly if you use recommended cleaning products, this means it is imperative to thoroughly rinse the surface with water after you’ve finished cleaning. Failing to do so means you run the risk of leaving spots of residual cleaning fluid on the concrete, and this can give the appearance of an uncleaned surface – which defeats the purpose of cleaning in the first place!

Wax your interior floors to reduce cleaning – a layer of wax specially designed for concrete floors can protect the sealer against dirt, stains and abrasion, reducing the need for more strenuous cleaning.

Most of these tips are very simple to follow, and emphasise that cleaning decorative concrete is relatively easy when you compare it to the maintenance regime required by other surfaces. As always, expert advice will help you to maximise your cleaning efforts for better results.