Concrete Floors: Perfect for Pets

Decorative concrete floors are very pet-friendly – and very owner-friendly for that matter. Concrete as a floor surface is hardwearing, easy-to-clean and forgiving, as well as one that can lend stunning looks and character to a home. This combination of practical and attractive features means that concrete floors are perfect for pets, and for you:

Sealed concrete floors guard against odours – concrete floors, if properly sealed, are remarkably resilient against little “accidents” and won’t trap anything that can cause an unpleasant odour. This can help you maintain a clean, hygienic and pleasant smelling floor surface, with the added bonus that any pet-related “gift” on a concrete floor can also be quickly cleaned up and disposed of.

Concrete floors are easy to clean – keeping floors clean can be a challenge when pets come inside and bring their muddy paws with them, or when they shed fur at an alarming rate. Thankfully for pet owners, concrete floors are relatively easy to keep in tidy condition – a quick wipe with a mop, towel or broom is usually all that is needed to clean up after messy, muddy pets.

Allergen free floors – fur, flakes of dead skin, fleas, mites, and anything else that pets carry or shed inside a home can trigger allergies, hay fever or even asthma-like symptoms, particularly in younger members of the family. However, polished concrete floors don’t trap this sort of matter; they’re virtually hypoallergenic making them a healthy and increasingly popular choice in many family homes.

Concrete floors are very scratch-resistant – as a hard-wearing and durable surface, concrete appeals as being relatively scratch-resistant, while still offering plenty of character thanks to the wide range of colours and finishes now available. Like everything to do with decorative concrete, great installation and sealing can help to increase scratch-resistance as well as general durability.

Concrete floors are non-toxic – because they’re stained with non-toxic pigments, concrete floors do not release potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds. As pets spend a lot of their time resting on the floor, this is good for their overall well-being, as well as the rest of the family.

Concrete floors can help you, as a pet owner or future pet owner, keep your home clean and healthy with relative ease. Not only do concrete floors look great, but they have low-maintenance properties that can save you time and effort: easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant, odour and toxin free. With that in mind, concrete floors are certainly worth consideration when you’re looking for a surface that is pet-friendly and owner-friendly in virtually every respect.