Designing the Perfect Open Plan Living Space

Open plan living spaces are a popular way to create a distinct and welcoming appeal to any home.

Designing the perfect open plan living space requires some forward planning and a bit of know-how but the final design should be centred around your lifestyle and personal flair.

The greatest challenge of open plan design is creating separate living spaces, or zones, without the use of walls.

Strategic placement of furniture, floor coverings and other functional items can instead be used to provide definition and flow.

Furniture selection and colour coordination are also key to creating the perfect open plan living space.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks to inspire your open plan living design.

Layout Options and Forward Planning

Every home is unique, so planning according to the size and shape of your space is very important.

Open plan design in a long and narrow home will require a different approach to that of an L shaped, symmetrical or square room, so think about your space before rushing in.

While each area in the open layout has a different function, it is also important for them to have a sense of cohesiveness.

This can be achieved by using complementary colours, furniture and flooring options which work to carry a theme across the entire space.

Furniture and Decoration

Open plan living spaces are not restricted to a certain style of furniture, which makes it easier to choose lounges, tables, chairs, lighting and decor based on personal preference.

Instead, it is important to focus on the fit and function of the furniture being used, such as the shapes of lounges, the length of tables, the height of chairs and their positioning.

Open plan living spaces tend to work well with L shaped sofas that act to enclose the living room and separate it from the kitchen and dining areas.

Furniture layout should be used to create borders for each space, while allowing for a solid divide through the areas to create a clear and uncluttered walkway.

One way to achieve this look is to use a clean and consistent flooring option throughout the home, such as polished concrete. You can then section off individual zones and define areas with the use of rugs that sit under the furniture of a chosen space.

Having a Goal

No-one knows your lifestyle as well as you do. You know how you want to use your home and what you expect from each space.

Thinking about your lifestyle allows you to decide which zones need more space, what type of furniture and materials meet your needs and what colour scheme you will most enjoy. You’re also best positioned to choose renovations within your budget.

With so many options available, planning an open space may seem challenging at first, so having a clear goal from the start really helps.

Open plan living also lends itself to greater flexibility for updating your decor when you want to. If you find a zone has a lot of extra space, you might like to choose a larger dining table, add in a study nook or create a cosy reading corner.

If you’re working with a smaller space, focus on a few key pieces of furniture and decor to avoid clutter.

Open plan design gives you a great opportunity to be creative and have fun. Combining smart use of furniture with a great colour scheme and quality materials will ensure a welcoming and natural feel to the home.

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