How Much Does a Decorative Concrete Driveway Cost

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Geostone is how much does a decorative concrete driveway cost?

The answer depends on many factors, including the size of the area to be concreted, the location of the project, and which Geostone product you choose.

The beauty of Geostone is the variety of colours and natural stone selections available across our Exposed Aggregate, Coloured Concrete and Polished and Honed Concrete ranges.

We understand everyone’s home is unique, which is why we offer decorative concrete in a selection of different product styles, colours and finishes.

This guide has been designed to step you through Geostone’s product selection process, so our team can provide a detailed and accurate quote for your new decorative concrete driveway.


Geostone products are now available throughout much of Australia, but the colours and stone selections vary depending on the region.

Each Geostone decorative concrete product is exclusive to the local delivery area, including natural stones, known as aggregate.

As a result, the price for each product varies depending on the location, because the products are all different.

For this reason, when providing your quote, we will ask for the postcode of your project so we can provide you with localised product options and pricing.

You can also see the product range available in your region by using the regional selector on our website, whether it’s for Exposed Aggregate, Coloured Concrete, or Honed and Polished Concrete.


Will the decorative concrete driveway be built on a sloping block, a suburban subdivision, farmland, a rocky hill, or maybe on top of an existing driveway?

The landscape of your project area will influence the amount of product required, and also the complexity of installation – and each of these factors will influence the price.

To provide an accurate quote, Geostone, and your chosen installer or service provider, will ask you questions about the landscape and topography of your project area.


No two driveways are exactly the same. The size, shape and layout of your driveway will determine how much Geostone you require.

Many of our customers also choose to extend their driveway into a complete wrap-around of their property, including a front porch, side walkways and back patio.

We recommend asking your chosen installer to determine exactly how much product your project will need. But we invite you to use our Concrete Calculator to help you make an initial estimate.


Do you like the natural stone features of exposed aggregate? Maybe you would prefer a solid coloured concrete, or a sleek honed concrete finish.

Whatever your style, Geostone has a range of options available to suit you and your home.

Remember, the product ranges, and prices, vary depending on your area.

As a first step, we recommend using the Product Range regional selector on our website to see the options available to you. You can also visit your nearest Geostone Display Centre to see samples in person.

Once you’ve decided on the style you would like to use, you’re another step closer to knowing how much your decorative concrete driveway will cost.


From creamy coloured neutrals to earthy reds, and forest greens to midnight black, Geostone decorative concrete is available in a wide variety of colours.

This assists ¬†you to find the colour selection to either match, or complement your home’s colour scheme and the natural surroundings.

We recommend taking a look at the colours available in your region using the Product Range regional selector on our website. Remember, the colour options are all unique to your local area, and the colours vary between the Exposed Aggregate, Coloured Concrete, and Honed and Polished Concrete.

Make a note of the names of your favourite colours, and head along to your nearest Geostone Display Centre to take a closer look, check the website for the various locations.


We recommend professional installation of Geostone decorative concrete, and there is a range of service providers, installers and finishers to choose from across Australia.

You can also use the Find A Service Provider search tool on our website, but please note this list is not exhaustive. Holcim does not engage the listed service providers directly, and does not have a system of accreditation for service providers. Holcim recommends each customer undertake their own research to find the most appropriate service provider for their needs. Installation and finishing costs will vary depending on the provider, and you will need to discuss this with your chosen contractor.

Contact Us

If you have worked through each of the steps in this guide, you should now have a clearer picture of the end result you could achieve with Geostone. With your project blueprint fresh in your mind, we recommend you contact us to request a concrete quote, which you can do by calling us on 131188, or you can submit an online enquiry. And if you’re still not sure which Geostone product is right for you, rest assured our Geostone Colour Specialists are here to help.

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