New Geostone makes you look down and feel up

The extraordinary power of stone. A material that can make people feel connected to nature in a way few others can.

Made by Holcim Australia, Geostone is a clever fusion of unique Australian stone with reinforced concrete. The stone is extracted from the earth and carefully selected for its colour, size and shape to maintain its natural variation. Then it is put through a process that ensures a tough, durable product that delivers versatile functionality and stunning good looks.

It can be finished in a variety of ways to perform a range of roles. For example, there’s ‘exposed’, a skid-resistant, durable finish ideal for driveways, pathways and landscaping. Once ’honed’ it becomes a tactile surface underfoot that can give a lift to outdoor entertaining areas including patios, verandas and pool surrounds. And indoors, a polished Geostone floor is pure luxury with its marble-like feel underfoot.

home inspiration

Building a home that has a sense of flow and connectivity from the front gate to the back fence is increasingly sought after and valued by Australian homeowners. Geostone can be used in and around a home by connecting every part and defining every room, thereby creating a more seamless internal external feel.

So imagine. It’s been a long day. You turn into your driveway, pausing for a fleeting moment to take in your stunning, flowing, Geostone driveway. In an instant, calmness descends as the natural textures and colours of Australian stone seem to whisper ‘welcome home’.
To learn more and experience the power of Geostone in person, visit the new product display at the HIA Home Inspirations Centre in Fyshwick.

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Geostone open day

Visit the new Geostone product display at the HIA Home Inspirations Centre, 28 Collie Street, Fyshwick. Open day Saturday 20 August 11am-3pm. Come and talk to product experts to see what’s possible. Enjoy a free BBQ, giveaways and fun for the kids.