Seven Unique Features for Every Aussie Home

Home ownership was once the Great Australian Dream.

And for many, it still is. It just often looks a little different these days.

No matter what type of home you live in, big or small, there are some things you just can’t live without. 

So we’ve compiled seven must-have features for every Aussie home.

1. The ‘Barbie’

No backyard, or balcony, is complete without a classic Aussie barbecue. It’s a must-have for easy week-night dinners, summer weekend gatherings, and of course the traditional Boxing Day barbie.

Whether you’re feeding the family or entertaining guests, creating an outdoor entertaining area to host your barbecues can be a lot of fun.

These days, barbecue areas and outdoor kitchens can include everything from big screen TVs to hot tubs and even the kitchen sink!

Decorative concrete can be used to add extra wow factor to your space, crafting anything from the floor to benchtops, pizza ovens, tables and more.

2. Swimming Pool

Is it really an Aussie summer without a swimming pool?

Many of us have fond memories of childhood summers spent in the water.

Whether it was in our own backyard, a neighbour’s or a visit to the town pool, there’s probably also many a memory of scorching hot concrete and scraped knees.

Australian homeowners are now designing gorgeous pool surrounds with Geostone’s decorative concrete range, offering unique designs, styles and colours in a range of modern finishes.

These functional pool surrounds offer natural slip resistance to ensure a safe and practical solution, while being comfortable underfoot, and maintaining a welcoming and timeless design.

3. The ‘Pool Room’

In the words of Darryl Kerrigan, “this is going straight to the pool room”.

Whether or not you own a billiards table doesn’t really matter. Maybe you call it a den. Or a man cave. But every Castle should have a space for showcasing those treasured possessions.

For that little extra ‘vibe’, a polished concrete floor will help to set the scene.

And given polished concrete is more affordable than you’d think, there’ll be no need to ‘tell him he’s dreaming’.

Both durable and easy to clean, Geostone’s polished concrete flooring achieves a balance of style and practicality.

And with a wide range of colours and styles on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect mix for your Pool Room.

Ahh, how’s the serenity?

4. Verandah

Every Aussie home needs a verandah out the front.

Whether you use the space for entertaining guests, a welcoming entry, or simply enjoying a good book in your old rocking chair, verandahs have long been a mainstay of Australian home design.

Similar to other outdoor areas like patios and balcony areas, verandahs can also enjoy the benefits of a concrete surface.

Add in some pops of colour and foliage to the surrounding area, along with Geostone’s exposed aggregate or honed concrete, to provide that finishing touch to the overall look and feel of your Aussie verandah.

5. Hills Hoist

The ultimate Aussie home wouldn’t be complete without a clothesline out the back.

An iconic Australian invention, the Hills Hoist has long been a feature of many a backyard.

Although perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing feature of a home, the clothesline is practical. And there’s a certain sense of nostalgia associated with fresh white sheets blowing in the wind.

To ensure the clothesline remains practical, it’s important to make sure it isn’t neglected in an overgrown or muddy area of the yard.

Creating a decorative concrete path and landing area with Geostone provides clear access from the house to the clothesline, while also creating defined zones in your landscaping.

6. The Shed

Even if you’re not the handy type, space for extra storage can really come in handy, which is why outdoor sheds have always been a staple of the classic Aussie home.

Whether you use it as a workshop, storage, or a place to keep your tools, you will want a hard and durable floor surface that is easy to clean and can withstand the test of time.

You can choose from Geostone’s exposed aggregate, polished, honed or coloured concrete, with each offering a range of colours and finishes to meet your needs.

7. Entertainers kitchen

Australians love food, and entertaining, so the kitchen has always been the heart (and belly) of the Aussie home.

The once humble home kitchen has had a makeover in modern times, with many homeowners embracing chef grade appliances and high-end finishes to create the ultimate entertainers kitchen.

A spacious, effective and functional kitchen space can also be complemented by outdoor dining extensions such as an outdoor kitchen or alfresco entertaining area.

Designing the perfect floor plan is integral to the success of your kitchen and if you’re renovating on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on style in favour of functionality or price with Geostone decorative concrete.

With so many options and variations for creating classic Aussie home designs, we hope you’re inspired by these must have features.

For more information and inspiration about renovations, building and concrete installation, explore our article archive.

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