Your Spring Cleaning Sorted in Six Easy Steps

Summer is coming and Christmas is just around the corner – but is your home ready for the season?

Perhaps the bathroom has seen better days, the kitchen cupboards are in chaos, or you’re searching high and low just to find your favourite shirt?

Then it’s probably time for a spring clean!

Deep cleaning and decluttering your home doesn’t have to be daunting, but it should achieve more than your weekly maintenance routine.

As well as making your space more practical and productive, having an organised home can be emotionally rewarding as well.

The KonMari method of tidying made famous by Marie Kondo focuses heavily on the emotional and spiritual benefits of organisation, driven by keeping only those items that ‘spark joy’.

Even a simple decluttering can give you a greater appreciation for the belongings you have, and more enjoyment of the space you’re in.

So if you’ve been putting it off, we’ve put together some expert tips for getting your spring cleaning sorted in six easy steps.

1. Plan

The most important thing to do before embarking on your spring cleaning journey is having a clear action plan or a solid objective  – what are you trying to achieve? Is your home simply in need of a thorough clean? Do you need to create space and clear out items you no longer need?  Or are you preparing your home for sale?

2. Assess

A great process for deciding what you want to keep and what needs to go comes from utilising Marie Kondo’s philosophy for sparking joy. Consider what items actually bring you joy, while focussing on form and function. From clothing to crockery, ask if it enhances your space, or creates unnecessary clutter.

Humans are creatures of habit, so collecting material things can make us feel good. But physical clutter is a reflection of our mindset. Donating unwanted items to a local charity or op-shop is an effective way to clear out your home while helping others.

3. Attack

Once you’ve finalised your plan and assessed what can stay and what should go, it’s time to get moving! Sort everything into categories, for example, collect all of your books, and pile them up so you can see everything in one place. Then you can make a clear decision about what to keep before finding a designated space for them.

A great way to ensure you’re on the right track is embracing elements of minimalist home design. A minimalist home doesn’t have to mean settling for just one couch and a coffee table, or only a mattress on the floor. Instead, consider using a ‘catch all shelf’ or other functional furniture to display all your decorative objects in one place.

4. Clean it up

Once you’ve cleared the clutter and organised the space, you’re ready to start cleaning. Keep in mind that spring cleaning is a much bigger task than a weekly tidy-up. Ensure you have the time to clean thoroughly, and use it as an opportunity to analyse how you can keep your home cleaner for longer. If your carpet is dirty and stained, or your tiles are chipped, you might want to consider how Geostone’s decorative concrete can provide a low-maintenance flooring solution.

Decorative concrete floors are a solid long-term investment as they’re easy to clean and durable. Geostone only requires regular sweeping and occasional mopping to maintain its stunning look. It’s also perfect for pets and families, meaning you get to worry less about scratches, stains and marks.

5. Test it out

Before dubbing your spring clean a success, it’s best to test it out. Is it easier to find things in your new layout, and is the space more functional? Or are you feeling lost and searching for things in all the wrong places? Use this as an opportunity to refine and reset if you need it.

You might find your spring cleaning inspires a streamlined look for the rest of your home too. Perhaps it’s time for a splash of paint, new artwork, or updated flooring and benchtops. With a new aesthetic and layout, why not think outside the box and embrace the growing concrete trend.

6. Rest, relax and enjoy!

Once you’ve done the hard yards, decluttered, cleaned up and settled on your new layout, it’s finally time to enjoy the fresh space a deep spring clean has delivered for your home.

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