#1 Byron Bay Award Winner

Architect and TV presenter, Peter Colquhoun, explores a Master Builder's Award winning home in NSW North Coast Byron Bay. Peter dives into the world of Geostone decorative concrete and explains how both polished and exposed concrete has been used to compliment the key materials used in building the home.

#2 Concrete Brilliance in Bronte

Perched above the cliffs in Bronte and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Peter Colquhoun explores this crafted sculpture by talented architect Chris Elliott. In this video, Peter highlights the incredible versatility and flexibility of concrete and the amazing results you can achieve through clever design.

#3 Embracing the power and beauty of concrete in Clifton Gardens

Peter Colquhoun explores a house in Clifton Gardens, design by architect Louise Nettleton, that features concrete in all of its beautiful variations. This stunning home shows that the possibilities for using concrete in every conceivable application is limited only by your imagination and that concrete can dramatically enhance the quality of space you are trying to create.

#4 Designed to Impress. Built to Last.

Concrete allowed architect Rob Mills to give Victoria’s uniquely appealing Ocean House a sense of quality, permanence and containment. Geostone Brand Ambassador, Peter Colquhoun discovered that concrete can perfectly suit wet or dry areas along with high or low traffic areas.

#5 Durability and Class Through Emulating Nature.

Great design often emulates nature and Peter Colquhoun explores how the Crofton House in country Victoria has achieved this. With a stunning combination of earth, decorative concrete and timber, architect James Stockwell created a unique yet practical home using timeless, readily available materials.

#6 Creating space in an inner-city family home.

We take a look at how architect Virginia Kerridge used coloured concrete to combined beauty and practicality in a family home. The unusual feature about this home is that not only are the living areas on the top floor but also the central courtyard and pool. This makes sense especially for a tight, urban, inner-city block. The burnished finish of the coloured concrete floors creates a marble effect which was also used for the kitchen benches anchoring the entire space.

#7 Standing Up to Mother Nature's Everchanging Climates and Conditions

We take a look at a house in the Whitsunday Islands featuring concrete in all of its beautiful variations. Designed by Renato D'Ettorre Architects, the house showcases how concrete can be used to create a magnificent structure, and also highlight how it can withstand the unique climates and weather conditions of the area. In the video, Peter shows us the numerous possibilities and ways concrete can be used to combine beauty and practicality.