Geostone’s exposed concrete is a great solution for your next project.

Exposed Concrete brings a natural, raw look to your home that adds character and personality. Exposed Geostone Concrete exposes the unprocessed textures of the stone, creating a rough, textural and distinct look that will set your home apart.

As the materials used in the manufacture of Geostone products are subject to natural variation of colour, texture, size and shape, some variation can occur from batch to batch.

Suitable for:

Outdoor applications

  • Creates a natural non-slip surface
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Visually stunning & distinct

Find the Geostone range that’s available in your area

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QLD|Brisbane +More
Torrens Exposed
Jabiru Exposed
QLD|Sunshine Coast
Yarra Exposed
QLD|Brisbane +More
Diamantina Exposed
QLD|Brisbane +More
Clarence Exposed
QLD|Brisbane +More
Hunter Exposed
QLD|Brisbane +More
Blackwoods Exposed
WA|Perth & Avon Valley
Magnolia Exposed
VIC|Bass Coast
Sunset Beach Exposed
VIC|Geelong & Surf Coast +More
Golden Beach Exposed
VIC|Geelong & Surf Coast +More
Bass Strait Bianco Exposed
VIC|Geelong & Surf Coast +More
Platinum Exposed
VIC|Geelong & Surf Coast +More
Eclipse Exposed
Jaffa Exposed
WA|Perth & Avon Valley
Bottlebrush Exposed
WA|Perth & Avon Valley
Eucalyptus Exposed
WA|Perth & Avon Valley
Jackwood Exposed
VIC|Geelong & Surf Coast +More
Star Dust Exposed
VIC|Bass Coast +More
Western Port Exposed
VIC|Melbourne +More
Brighton Beach Exposed

Exposed Concrete Gallery

Have a look at some of the best exposed projects in the country.

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With many approved Geostone intallers around the country,
your next Geostone project will be completed to perfection.

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