Applications of Geostone Polished and Honed

Polished (Suitable for Internal Flooring Only)

Polished only: The look, feel & performance are very important. Think “Smooth as silk, hard as rock” Is this what they mean by the ‘wow’ factor? Have you ever walked on a marble floor in bare feet? This is what a Geostone polished floor can feel like underfoot. Pure luxury. But that’s only half the story. With its range of benefits including easy to clean (no discoloured grout), lower maintenance, hypoallergenic and high thermal mass you’ll only have one decision. Which Geostone product will you choose?

Internal Wet Areas

Honed only: Geostone flooring will look fantastic anywhere throughout your home, however with safety in mind, consider using a sealed honed finish in wet areas such as bathrooms, shower recesses and the laundry.

Pool Surrounds

Honed only: Geostone honed concrete is a great finish for your pool surrounds. Smooth and easy to walk on and with non-slip properties after sealing - a vital consideration when choosing any product to be used close to water. Of course extra care should always be taken on any smooth surface.

To find out more see video below.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Honed only: It’s okay to sit around and do nothing. A novel concept in this day and age but how else can your body slow down, rest and reenergise? How can your mind pause and reflect? It’s the perfect way to becoming more present than you thought possible and to take the time to appreciate your alfresco area or that chilling out part of your backyard. For outdoor entertaining areas honing will ensure a smooth, comfortable and lower maintenance finish designed to amplify the natural beauty of the stone. Honing your outdoor entertainment area will also all but eliminate any uneven surfaces for your outdoor furniture - no more pesky ‘rocking’ of your outdoor table and chairs.

To find out more see video below.

Benefits of Geostone Polished and Honed

Achieved through grinding and sealing the surface to reveal a highly glossy finish, a polished Geostone floor offers multiple benefits including lower maintenance and easy to clean, hypoallergenic, hardwearing and high thermal mass.

Honing is the process of removing the top layer of concrete to reveal a natural stone and flat matt finish. This results in a surface that provides a similar level of comfort to polished concrete, together with the practicality and hardiness of exposed concrete. Bring the outdoors in – or the indoors out – by creating flow in transition between internal polished concrete floors and alfresco, entertaining and pool areas.

Polished and Honed concrete can be used in a variety of areas in and around your home. Polished concrete is designed specifically for indoor living areas around the home, and as such it’s perfect for installation in the living room, dining room and even the kitchen. Polished Concrete floors add a new style dimension to your home that will impress your guests. The honed options are great for outdoor areas such as around the pool and in entertainment areas. You can also use this option inside for internal wet areas such as the bathroom or even the shower or laundry room.

Check out our applications ideas for inspiration as to how you can use Geostone Polished & Honed Concrete floors in your home.