Concrete Calculator

Our concrete calculator allows you to estimate the amount of concrete you’ll need for the job in either square or cubic metres. Simply add the measurements to the relevant shapes below. Remember to always confirm quantities with your installer prior to ordering concrete.

How to Use

Step 1

Select the shape closest to your project area. If you have a number of different areas you can add them to the first shape at the end of Step 3.

Step 2

Enter the lengths of sides as indicated underneath the shape. Remember to use metres or part thereof. Enter the average depth of the concrete after you have entered the lengths of the sides. Depth should always be entered in millimetres.

Step 3

The result will calculate the estimated area and volume. Concrete is always ordered by the cubic metre so when you send the order enquiry through the volume (m3) will appear and the price you will be given will be in m3.

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Select shape closest to your project area


This calculator will only estimate the quantity of concrete required for your project and the estimate does not take into account specific ground conditions on site. Always confirm quantities with your installer prior to ordering concrete as Holcim and its subsidiaries are not responsible if you purchase the incorrect amount.