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What are Colour Consultants

A Colour Consultant is a specialist that understands the effects of light and darkness on colour and colour psychology. They can help develop colour schemes for your Geostone internal flooring or external paving on any residential, retail or commercial space.

What are Designers / Architects

Architects and Designers can help plan and design your new home or office or renovation project incorporating the Geostone internal flooring and external paving products.

What are Installers

Installers prepare the area where your Geostone concrete is to be placed and then lay, spread, compact and finish the concrete including exposing the stone in the product. Preparation includes erection of formwork on the ground and placing of steel reinforcing.

What are Landscapers

Landscapers can design and create stunning landscapes outdoors for your home, office or public open area using Geostone’s exposed, honed and coloured concrete range to complement lawns and gardens.

What are Polishers

Polishers grind the finished concrete floor surfaces to a level of sheen of your choice – from satin to high-gloss. Geostone’s product range suitable for polished and honed concrete are great alternatives for residential, retail, warehouse, and office flooring

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This site provides a list of related approved installers which are suggested only. Holcim has not engaged the listed service providers directly but has worked with them in the past and they have generally demonstrated that they follow Holcim's guidelines. Holcim does not recommend or provide certification in respect of any of the approved installers. Holcim does not have a system of accreditation for approved installers in place. Holcim recommends that each customer undertake their own research into the appropriate approved installer to meet their requirements.