It’s never been easier to come home to Geostone.

At Geostone, we understand that choosing the materials for your home can be frustrating and time consuming. We ‘get it’ and have worked with installers, suppliers and customers to develop a website, process and offering that makes this part of your design journey, an absolute breeze.

Reputation – Australia’s biggest decorative concrete range

Geostone was established by Holcim Australia in 2015 and is a market leader in the decorative concrete space. The Geostone range ensures that you will never need to limit your design pallet with an extensive range of colours and stones available in each market.

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Locally sourced natural stone

The rocks and sands that create our Geostone decorative concrete mixes are unique to each local area, sourced from the rivers, mountains and valleys that surround your home.

National Network of Approved Installers – Decorative Concrete Made Easy

Holcim’s network of over one hundred approved installers ensures that you have the best team supporting you through your build or renovation journey. The approved installer network represents some of the best in their craft. They will help guide you through you through the concrete selection process and install the mix of your choosing in your home.

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Durable but Stylish

Geostone’s powerful combination of unique and stunning looks created by harnessing the integrity of concrete with the uniqueness of Australian stone, is the perfect solution for contemporary yet classic driveways, pathways, indoor and outdoor living areas.

Backed by Holcim Australia

Holcim operates right across the Australian continent supplying concrete from a network of more than 150 concrete plants and 900 mixer trucks. Holcim ensures that Geostone has the capacity and technical capability to get the most important project right, your home.

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