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Toowoomba Display Centres

Holcim Toowoomba
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Geostone is an elegant and long-lasting solution ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor areas. The rocks and sand used in our products are locally sourced, meaning each location offers an entirely unique range. Come and visit us at a Geostone Toowoomba centre today to view our locally-available selection.

Decorative concrete for Toowoomba homes and businesses

Whether you are a homeowner carrying out renovations, a council employee in charge of a new public project or an architect looking for innovative solutions for your latest development, Geostone’s range of decorative concrete in Toowoomba is what you are looking for. Hard-wearing, low maintenance, cost-effective and visually appealing, our exposed or polished concrete in Toowoomba ticks all the boxes.

Discover our exposed or coloured concrete in Toowoomba

From pools to driveways and pathways, Geostone is the way to go. Made with natural and locally-sourced stones combined with the strength of concrete, choose Geostone exposed concrete for Toowoomba’s outdoor settings for a distinct look and quality finish. Our range of coloured concrete in Toowoomba offers an aesthetic solution for outdoor areas — with long-lasting and hard-wearing materials.

Indoor polished concrete for Toowoomba properties

In addition to its multiple outdoor uses, you can use Geostone for indoor spaces with character and style. Renovate any room of your Toowoomba property with polished concrete for a smooth feel, high quality and luxurious flooring that will impress any visitor. Geostone polished floors grace some of the most outstanding architectural homes in Queensland.

Visit our Toowoomba Geostone showrooms today

Our friendly and knowledgeable display centre team is ready to show you all the beautiful and locally-sourced decorative concrete solutions in the Toowoomba area. Contact us online or pop in our showroom today to see the range in person and discuss how Geostone is the right solution for you.