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Natural stone provides the strength to last the harshest of Australia’s seasons, while making a clear design statement. There’s no limit to how you can apply Geostone to your driveway or outdoor space.

As the materials used in the manufacture of Geostone products are subject to natural variation of colour, texture, size and shape, some variation can occur from batch to batch.

  • Extremely durable and versatile
  • Low maintenance, visually stunning & distinct
  • Stays cool underfoot, even in Aussie summers
  • Exposed finish creates a natural non-slip surface

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Australian stone driveways

Concrete driveways transformed with natural Australian stone 

A concrete driveway need not be a bland grey space. Geostone brings together the strength of concrete, and the natural beauty of locally sourced Australian stone to create a bold design statement that will transform your driveway.

An exposed aggregate driveway by Geostone shows off the colours and texture of the natural stone, while retaining the strength to last through the harshest of the country’s seasons, whether that’s the Darwin rainstorms or the Melbourne winters. 

No two aggregate concrete driveways by Geostone will be exactly the same. The materials used in creating concrete driveways will vary in colour, texture, size and shape from batch to batch because the natural stone across Australia varies by location. Regardless of what coloured driveway you decide on, you can know that the final look will be unique to your driveway. 

Exposed aggregate driveways add texture to your home 

All concrete is made of aggregate, held together by fluid cement. An exposed aggregate concrete driveway from Geostone is the same, but the top of the driveway is given a retardant, to stop it from fully hardening. This allows the top of the concrete to be removed, exposing the rocks and stones that make up the aggregate. Once exposed, the aggregate concrete driveway has a very natural, raw look, and a distinctly ‘bumpy’ texture, like a cobblestone road. Exposed concrete is extremely durable, so it makes a great choice for your concrete driveways or any other outdoor spaces like outdoor entertainment areas or swimming pool surroundings. 

Coloured concrete driveways for stunning contrast 

If an exposed aggregate concrete driveway still has too much grey for you, then a Geostone coloured concrete driveway might be more to your taste. Geostone concrete driveways can be customised to suit your specific requirements. By adding a range of oxides and pigments to our concrete we are able to produce a stunning deep colour finish to give you striking contrast either indoors or outdoors. Perhaps your pool area has sandstone tiling, and you want to keep everything a matching colour, or if your house walls are a light grey already, having a darker coloured concrete driveway will add some contrast.