10 Reasons to Love Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is dominating design trends for new and renovated homes, and the reasons why are endless.

From concrete’s high durability and low maintenance to its aesthetic appeal, today we look at 10 reasons to love polished concrete flooring.

1. Hard as Rock, Smooth as Silk

If you have ever had the pleasure of walking on a marble floor, it might come as a surprise to hear of anything that compares. Polished concrete floors have the durability and strength of hardened stone, and feel just as smooth and luxurious as marble underfoot.

2. It can improve the value of your home

Polished concrete floors make a big impression on potential home buyers. The mix of coloured concrete and natural stone adds a unique and timeless appeal to the home. The smooth, sleek finish of concrete creates a sense of luxury and spaciousness that enhances the beauty of any space, and should appeal to many buyers.

3. Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

Concrete is often thought of as a cold surface, but polished concrete floors use the natural process of thermal mass to keep your home comfortable all year round. Thermal mass allows concrete to absorb and store heat from the sun during the day, and release it when the temperature drops outside, making polished concrete the perfect flooring material for the cooler months. While in warmer weather, paired with good ventilation, concrete floors can help to keep your home cool by drawing away heat from the air.

4. Colours to suit your home and lifestyle

Concrete doesn’t just come in grey anymore. Geostone polished concrete is available in a wide variety of colours and natural stone unique to your local area.

This allows you to effectively combine your flooring options with the aesthetic of your home, creating beautiful contrasts with furniture, and increasing the appeal, and resale value of your home.

5. It’s more affordable than you think

The luxe finish of concrete has the appeal of a high-end material. But the popular flooring option is more affordable than you might think. When considering flooring options for your home, it is important to think of long-term maintenance, cleaning and replacement costs. Concrete is naturally more resistant to spills, stains, and general wear and tear. With some basic TLC, a polished concrete floor will look as good as new for many years to come.

6. Polished concrete is great for wet areas

Polished concrete is ideal for wet areas, whether that be for a bathroom, laundry or kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, polished concrete is a slip-resistant surface which makes it a functional flooring option for the entire home. Polished concrete allows for seamless transitions between walls, floors, showers, indoors and out, with subtle sealing and honing processes creating a surface sheen that’s smooth, smart and slip-resistant.

7. Ideal for Open-Plan Living

Modern and contemporary homes embrace open-plan living, creating a greater sense of spaciousness and flow compared to the compartmentalised houses of days gone by. You can choose to use the same concrete flooring for the entire home, or focus on a designated area.

As well as the many indoor uses, polished and honed concrete floors offer a seamless indoor-outdoor solution.

8. Family Friendly

Polished concrete floors are ideal for families and entertainers, being durable, low-maintenance and resistant to staining. Polished concrete is easy to clean, meaning it doesn’t harbor dust mites or allergens that cause hay-fever and other reactions. While the slip-resistant, even and sturdy surface makes polished concrete an ideal solution for all ages and abilities.

9. Perfect for Pets

Every pet owner knows the struggle of cleaning up after a furry friend. Polished concrete floors are perfect for pets, making cleaning up a breeze. Additionally, polished concrete is scratch resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your floor can sustain the pitter patter of paws and claws.

10. Creative, Contemporary, Concrete

Polished concrete offers a great foundation for contemporary design. With the ability to customise and layer with other natural materials, polished concrete provides a flexible and highly sought-after flooring solution for modern homes. Polished concrete also gives you the creative freedom to think outside the box, suitable to combine with a range of colours and materials to suit the aesthetic of your home and lifestyle. Most importantly, polished concrete is a long-lasting and functional flooring solution that is not only on trend, but timeless.