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To place an order, call the Customer Service Centre on 13 11 88. To ensure availability, an order needs to be placed a minimum of 7 days in advance of the required delivery date. Remember to notify us if your project will be completed over a period of time.

Visit one of our national Display and Selection Centres to view the entire Geostone range available in your area. You can find your nearest Display and Selection Centre using the link below.

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View our full list of Approved Installers using the link below. When choosing an installer we recommend you always ask for recent customer references and view some of their recently completed work. Remember to make sure both you and your installer agree on the desired finish and discuss any unique requirements for your project.

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The stone in Geostone is a raw material and is selected for its natural variation in colour, size and shape, therefore some variation can occur from batch to batch and such variations can influence the overall colour and appearance of your finished project.

Where the concrete is placed can also have an effect on the final appearance; concrete placed in shaded areas can appear different to concrete placed in direct sunlight, and concrete placed in cold conditions can appear different to concrete placed in warm conditions. Additionally, variation in the exposure level (e.g. the volume of stone showing or the extent to which they protrude above the concrete) or, inconsistent levels of stone exposure on a project, can also result in colour variation.

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