How to Create a Healthy Home Habitat

Creating a welcoming and healthy environment in your home is easier to achieve than you might think; and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

That sparkling clean display home look may not be realistic for busy households. But a home that nurtures the comfort, lifestyle and wellbeing of you and your family isn’t out of reach.

A space that’s quick and easy to clean, well ventilated and drenched in natural sunlight will help to effortlessly create that fresh and welcoming atmosphere. Our experts have put together some other ways to help you have a healthy home habitat.

Low Maintenance

A key component of sustaining a healthy home is effective cleaning and maintenance. And the largest surface that needs regular cleaning in any home is the floor.

Geostone‚ polished decorative concrete is durable, easy to clean, and perfect for pets, making it an ideal flooring solution for family homes.

Our concrete experts recommend regularly sweeping and mopping your concrete floors, which is all you need to keep the surface clean. Waxing your floors can also protect the sealer against dirt, stains and abrasions, which reduces the need for strenuous cleaning.

A common myth about concrete floors is that they are prone to cracking, but taking simple preventative measures at the time of installation, such as effective site preparation and construction supervision, will help prevent concrete cracking.

Family Friendly

Health and safety are top concerns for young families, and cleanliness is key for creating a child-friendly home.

Polished decorative concrete is a sleek and solid surface, which can make it less likely to trigger allergic reactions unlike carpets, which may harbour dust mites and other allergens.

This is a particularly important consideration for people living with allergies and those sensitive to dust mites and household allergens.

This also extends to maintaining a pet-friendly home, as decorative concrete won’t harbour any fur, fleas or mites. As well as being scratch resistant, concrete floors are also non-toxic, so you can rest easy sharing your home with furry friends.

Decorative concrete is also naturally slip resistant, meaning it may reduce the chance of slips and trips, so it’s a great option for flooring in wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries.

Heating and Cooling

Air-conditioning and heating can dry out the air in a home, or create uncomfortable conditions by being too hold or too cold.

Decorative concrete floors can keep a home naturally warm in winter and cool in summer, with the power of thermal mass.

Thermal mass refers to a material’s ability to absorb, store and release energy from sunlight exposure, which keeps homes comfortable all year round.

As electricity prices continue to rise, Geostone’s decorative concrete range can help to maximise the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling.


Ensuring your home has sufficient ventilation and airflow is vital for a healthy home environment.

Embracing open plan living is one way to maximise space and improve airflow, along with the strategic planning of windows and natural sunlight.

This not only creates a more welcoming and appealing home, but can help to control condensation, dust and mould.

Every floor plan is designed uniquely, but expanding the kitchen, dining and living spaces is popular for improving overall functionality and creating a sense of openness throughout the home.

Geostone’s decorative concrete range works effortlessly to create a seamless flow between these spaces, reflecting your style while delivering a sense of cohesion between each room.

Identifying clutter and clearing out spaces around your home can also help make your living space feel less cramped. Cluttered homes can create a negative energy and be overwhelming to maintain, but the reward for keeping everything clean and tidy is a clean, pleasant and peaceful environment.


Decorating your home and garden with a mix of greenery is a great way to liven up your living space.

From edible gardens to classic flower patches, any addition of foliage can help create a healthy garden oasis. And with lattices and vertical green walls, you don’t have to miss out on creating a garden if you’re working with a small space.

Consider bringing the outdoors in by adding some pot plants, hanging pots or vases inside your home. Threading a range of greenery into the interior of your home can help unite your space, while providing pops of colour and a naturally fresh appeal.

For more information and inspiration for decorative concrete and design, visit the Geostone blog archive.

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