Geostone 101 – Creating beautiful outdoor areas with concrete 

Holcim’s range of Geostone decorative concrete offers an endless array of applications, with exclusive regional colour and stone selections unique to each local area.

We have created this two-part mini-series to answer frequently asked questions about Geostone decorative concrete for both indoors and out.

In Part 2, we explore popular outdoor applications for Geostone decorative concrete, from traditional paths and driveways, to entertainment areas and pool surrounds.

What is Geostone?

Geostone is a decorative concrete range by Holcim with options in exposed aggregate, polished and honed concrete, and coloured concrete.

Geostone combines the integrity of concrete with the uniqueness of Australian stone to create the perfect solution for contemporary yet classic driveways, pathways and pool surrounds, as well as indoor and outdoor applications.

The range is designed to assist the homeowner, architect, designer and builder to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Geostone’s aggregates are sourced from the local area of each supply region, and blended with decorative concrete available in a wide range of colours.

How can Geostone be used Outdoors?

1. Driveways

They say first impressions last – which is why one of the most popular uses for Geostone decorative concrete is the driveway.

Exposed aggregate is the material of choice for most driveway projects, allowing homeowners to select a colour and stone combination to suit the style and colour scheme of their home.

Geostone also gives you the option to restore or build a new driveway, with benefits for both methods depending on your circumstances.

While it is possible to lay Geostone over an existing surface, a well-prepared foundation will always provide the longest lasting results for your decorative concrete.

When it comes to cost, it will largely depend on the size, shape and location of the project, with seasonal changes and weather conditions that might influence the best time to renovate your driveway.

If compiling a checklist for renovating your driveway, ensure it adds street appeal to the exterior of your home, and make sure its durable enough to stand the test of time.

2. Pathways

Geostone doesn’t have to end at the driveway.

You can use Geostone decorative concrete to create a welcoming flow with pathways extending from the streetfront connecting to other areas of your home and garden.

Geostone’s exposed aggregate and honed decorative concrete are perfect for creating safe walking surfaces.

Pathways can be stylish and practical at the same time, so think of them as a continuation of everything you love about the outdoor space.

3. Entertainment Areas

Designing the perfect outdoor entertainment area involves a combination of planning, zoning, connecting and decorating everything to create a unified look.

And it all starts from the ground up.

Geostone decorative concrete allows you to create attractive concrete patios, which are safe, durable and can add value to your home.

You can choose a colour, pattern or texture that complements the surrounding area for a completed look and stylish flow.

Outdoor areas are exposed to the elements, but weatherproofing your outdoor area can be easily achieved with Geostone’s exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, and honed concrete.

For entertaining guests, you might also consider creating an outdoor kitchen, providing a great opportunity for unique concrete applications that you may not have thought of, like a concrete benchtop or sink.

4. Pool Surrounds

The seamlessness of a concrete pool deck is hard to beat, as it can be versatile, durable, and most importantly slip resistant.

Geostone’s decorative concrete is comfortable underfoot, and can be applied to pool areas as exposed aggregate for a textured finish, or honed concrete for a smooth and slick surface.


Concrete is one landscaping material that has stood the test of time. And Geostone’s range of decorative concrete makes it beautiful.

From custom steps to retaining walls and garden beds, Geostone can be used to transform any outdoor area. If you’re limited on space, think vertically, with green garden walls that not only look great, but can serve a functional purpose through privacy screening or noise reduction.

Plants, flowers and edible gardens can really liven up your outdoor area, complemented with neutral coloured Geostone garden beds, pots and other decorations to tie the space together.

Understanding the Geostone Process

So you think you’d like Geostone for your project, but you’re not sure where to start?

We’ve put together this handy guide to help.

1. Choose your Geostone finish
Firstly, select from Geostone’s Exposed Aggregate, Polished Concrete, Honed Concrete or Coloured Concrete options, which are unique to each region.

2. View the range available in your area
You can use the Regional Selector on our website to view the range of mixes and colours available in your local area, all from the comfort and convenience of your home.

3. Visit your nearest display centre
To see samples in person or to speak to one of our colour consultants, visit your nearest Geostone display centre, where you can discover the Geostone range.

4. Find an approved installer and finisher in your region
Once you’ve chosen your preferred Geostone mix, you can use our website to find an approved installer and finisher in your local area. Installers will first work to prepare the project site, then lay, spread and compact the concrete, while finishers prepare the concrete to your chosen finish.

5. Request a quote
To request a quote or learn more about Geostone, send your project details and postcode to our team. When you are ready to proceed with your project, the Geostone team will help to finalise your order and can assist with arranging trades for installation and finishing.

Read Geostone 101 Part 1 for information about the indoor applications of Geostone. 

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