6 Easy Steps to Preparing your Pool for Summer

With the warmer months fast approaching, it will soon be the perfect time to start preparing your pool for summer.

Draining the pool, pressure cleaning and tidying up outside are part and parcel of annual maintenance routines. But what if larger upgrades are needed?

Where do you start? And what needs to change?

To help you get the most of your backyard swimming pool while the summer sun is shining, we have some easy-to-follow guidelines for preparing your pool.

1.Plan the space

If you really want to make the most of your swimming pool and outdoor entertaining area, first you need to give some thought as to how it will be used.

While the pool itself may be the centerpiece of your great outdoors, the surrounding features will also impact on the functionality of the space.

If you plan on entertaining guests, for example, you may want to consider ways to maximise views, embrace indoor-outdoor living, and provide a welcoming area for cooking and dining.

Outdoor kitchens are a popular feature, with many homeowners desiring a space to cook and entertain without the need to go indoors. If you’re working with a smaller space, consider garden beds or greenery to bring an element of life and colour to the area.

Ideally, your pool area and outdoor space will also have adequate shade to protect you from the sun, as well as shelter from wind and rain during an unpredictable Aussie summer.

Additionally, you may want to consider safety precautions for children, providing a safe environment where they can run and play while parents enjoy the space as well. Geostone’s decorative concrete is stain and slip-resistant, making it the perfect surface for busy wet areas and pool surrounds.

2. Clean up and clear out

It’s highly likely the cold, wet months of winter have wreaked havoc on your outdoor area, or at the very least, left the swimming pool looking a little unloved.

Before the hot weather hits, set aside a couple of days for a backyard working bee. Bribe some helpers with a free barbecue lunch (and cold refreshments, perhaps) and attend to the general maintenance, like treating the water or emptying the pool, clearing out weeds and overgrown plants, and cleaning surfaces like walkways and pool surrounds.

This process might uncover areas needing more extensive repairs and maintenance, so it’s best to do it sooner rather than later.

3. Manage mould and mildew

Mould and mildew have a tendency to grow on damp surfaces – especially pool surrounds and outdoor areas that haven’t seen the sun in a while.

Mould can present a health hazard so it’s best to consult the professionals about appropriate removal and treatment if you come across it.

You might also choose to call in the experts to balance your swimming pool’s water pH levels and clean the filtration system.

If you have Geostone decorative concrete pathways or pool surrounds, your approved installer will be happy to provide personalised advice on the best methods of cleaning, maintenance and avoiding mould growth.

4. Is it time to upgrade your pool surrounds?

If your swimming pool and outdoor area are in need of some serious TLC, it might be time to consider installing new swimming pool surrounds.

Lifted and broken tiles, cracked concrete and uneven surfaces could create a safety hazard that good old fashioned elbow grease can’t shift.

Geostone’s decorative concrete range is available in both exposed aggregate and honed finishes, providing a wide range of options for customising your outdoor entertainment zone and pool area to suit your style.

It’s also advised to contact the appropriate authority in your local area to regularly assess the suitability and safety of pool fencing.

5. Have fun with furniture

If you’re faced with broken banana lounges, dirty umbrellas and broken plastic chairs, it might be time to think about freshening up your outdoor furniture.

Replace any tired old poolside and outdoor dining furniture with vibrant, functional pieces that encourage people to socialise, move about and deliver indoor comfort in an outdoor setting.

From tables and chairs to sunbeds and firepits, there are countless ways to add beauty and functionality to your poolside play area.

For furniture that lasts the test of time, you might like to consider creating with concrete. Geostone decorative concrete can be used to custom design concrete sinks and benchtops for outdoor kitchens, tables and chairs, garden planters, stairs, and more.

6. Be sunsmart – and plan for all seasons

The only thing that beats a backyard swimming pool in summer, is an outdoor area that’s functional all year round.

Shaded areas to protect against the sun are great for the warmer months, but weatherproofing your outdoor space to combat rain, wind and cold temperatures is just as important.

You can also use Mother Nature to your advantage. Consider the position of the sunrise and sunset, be aware of any strong breezeways or cross winds, and take advantage of natural shade from trees.

Preparing your pool for summer can be a rewarding experience, and a little forward planning could set you up for year-round enjoyment of your outdoor area.

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