Geostone 101 – Creating beautiful indoor areas with concrete 

Holcim’s range of Geostone decorative concrete offers an endless array of applications, with exclusive regional colour and stone selections unique to each local area.

We have created this two-part mini-series to answer frequently asked questions about Geostone decorative concrete for both indoors and out.

In Part 1, we explore popular indoor uses for polished and honed Geostone decorative concrete, and explain the Geostone process.

What is Geostone?

Geostone is a decorative concrete range that combines the integrity of concrete with the uniqueness of Australian stone to create the perfect solution for contemporary yet classic driveways, pathways and pool surrounds, as well as indoor and outdoor spaces.

The range is designed to assist the homeowner, architect, designer and builder to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

With options in exposed aggregate, polished and honed concrete, and coloured concrete, Geostone’s aggregates are sourced from the local area of each supply region, and blended with decorative concrete in a wide and varied colour palette.

How can Geostone be used indoors?


Geostone’s polished and honed concrete range is a popular choice for indoor flooring. With colour and stone selections to suit any interior, Geostone polished and honed concrete offers functionality and style with an easy to clean and durable surface.

Geostone can be laid as a foundational house slab, or potentially poured over an existing surface. Before deciding on the stone and colour combination that’s right for you, take some time to consider designing your floor plan.


It is often assumed concrete floors are slippery when wet, but Geostone concrete floors can be prepared with a slip-resistant finish that makes them both safe and comfortable under foot.

Moisture prevention is imperative when installing Geostone in bathrooms and other wet areas. The concrete must be properly waterproofed to prevent water transfer and water retention in the sub floor and wall joints.

A grout-free polished concrete floor also offers easy maintenance, requiring only mopping to keep it clean and dry. Concrete floors are generally quick to install, provide beautiful visual appeal, and are highly durable and versatile, which may lead to greater returns on investment, and even increased resale value of a home in the long run.


Modern laundries call for a sleek minimalist design, and easy-to-clean surface areas. Like bathrooms, laundries are another wet area perfectly suited to concrete flooring.

Not only will decorative concrete bring life and colour to your bathroom, ensuite or laundry, it can also absorb and release thermal energy, keeping the temperature of your home comfortable all year round.


Polished concrete floors can be a cost-effective flooring solution for any kitchen space. Geostone polished and honed concrete is available in a range of colours and natural stone selections to complement your home’s colour scheme.

And Geostone isn’t limited to just the floor. One of the applications you might not have thought of is the ability to create custom benchtops for the kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

Geostone polished concrete can be shaped and styled to your specifications, before being polished to reveal a stunning modern sheen. Finding the perfect look for your place is easy to achieve, while waterproof features ensure longevity, minimising repair and maintenance costs.

Living Areas

The living room is often a central hub for activity. Whether you’re entertaining guests or needing a family-friendly space, Geostone decorative concrete is designed to stand the test of time.

The sleek lines of polished concrete allow you to maximise your living space, while the durability and functionality makes it the perfect flooring solution for children and pets, being naturally allergy-friendly, skid and scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

Understanding the Geostone Process

So you think you’d like Geostone for your project, but you’re not sure where to start?

We’ve put together this handy guide to help.

1.Choose your Geostone finish

Firstly, select from Geostone’s Exposed Aggregate, Polished Concrete, Honed Concrete or Coloured Concrete options, which are unique to each region.

2. View the range available in your area

From the comfort and convenience of your home you can use the Regional Selector on our website, which displays the range of mixes and colours available in your local area.

3. Visit your nearest display centre

If you would like to see samples in person or to speak to one of our colour consultants, you can visit your nearest Geostone display centre, where you can discover the Geostone range.

4. Find an approved installer and finisher in your region

Once you’ve chosen your preferred Geostone mix, you can use our website to find an approved installer and finisher in your local area. Installers will first work to prepare the project site, then lay, spread and compact the concrete. Finishers prepare the concrete to your chosen finish.

5. Request a quote

To request a quote or learn more about Geostone, send your project details and postcode to our team. When you are ready to proceed with your project, the Geostone team will help to finalise your order and can assist with arranging trades for installation and finishing.

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