Exposed Aggregate: The King of Driveway Materials

Low-maintenance, visually appealing and affordable – exposed aggregate concrete is an excellent way to get a spectacular-looking driveway.

The techniques involved in stripping away an upper layer of cement skin to reveal the exquisite natural qualities of stones and granite have been around since the early 1900s. It remains popular today because exposed aggregate is a stylish and versatile form of decorative concrete which will keep your property looking modern for years to come.

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the best surfacing materials you can invest in. The concrete surface is removed to uncover a solid river bed amassed with the natural stones and quarry materials that had been added to the mix prior to the pour. These could include decorative rocks, granite, quartz or even a mosaic of sparkling recycled glass crystals.

An exposed aggregate driveway is a perfect way to make a unique statement about your home. You can choose a single colour for the entire driveway or have a collective of various natural and recycled materials added to the concrete to create an astonishing driveway that’s uniquely your own. An unlimited array of textures and colour choices allows you to customise the appearance of your driveway and paths to complement your home’s existing design elements. If you’re planning to sell your home or are just looking for a cost-effective home improvement project, exposed aggregate is a practical and versatile way to beautify your home and potentially increase its value. The smooth clean lines and magnificent visual effect of an exposed aggregate driveway can leave a lasting impression.

In a December 2016 survey, more than 400 Perth and Adelaide homeowners were shown three images to assess the impact of driveway materials on perceived house value. The three houses in the three images were identical except for the driveway. The driveways were of the same dimensions and gradient but were made of three different materials: plain concrete; pavers and exposed aggregate. More than half of the group chose the house with the exposed aggregate driveway as the property they believed to be of the highest value of the three.


  • Very low maintenance compared to other outdoor renovation materials such as wooden decking or stone pavers. Once installed virtually no upkeep other than periodic resealing to protect from stains and an occasional sweep with the broom. No weeding necessary, not susceptible to moss growth and exposed aggregate concrete is an ant-free environment.
  • Easy to install and few tools and installation materials required. Favoured by architects, builders and contractors as a simple technique to make driveways look more stylish, modern and appealing. Basic procedures easily mastered by experienced finishers.
  • Cost-effective due to shorter installation time. Exposed aggregate is an ideal surfacing option for a large driveway on a tight budget.
  • Skid resistant as exposed aggregate’s granular finishes offer a lot of grip and so steeply sloped driveways are safer to walk on when wet. Exposed aggregate’s properties make it a perfect choice for pool areas.
  • Durable as exposed aggregate shares the same structural integrity as conventional concrete. Incredibly tough and long-lasting. Handles all weather conditions and resistant to heavy traffic areas. Unlike timber, no rot, warping or termites.
  • Highly decorative and customisable as wide choice of stones, colour and textured effects can create a driveway that’s an attractive front yard focal point and standout feature of the home.