Using Honed Concrete Outdoors

Using honed concrete outdoors provides a sleek and polished finish for entertaining areas and pathways.

The honed finish can be applied to coloured concrete and exposed aggregate to create a contemporary space customised to the unique colour scheme and surrounds of your home.

So, what exactly is honed concrete? How do you implement it, and why choose it over other options? To answer those questions, here are some tips, tricks and suggestions for creating and maintaining a gorgeous outdoor area with the use of honed concrete.

Creating honed concrete

The process of honing concrete is achieved through grinding the top layer of the concrete to reveal a natural stone and a flat matt finish.

This surface is naturally slip resistant and suitable for all weather conditions, making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Honed concrete is crafted to be low maintenance, easy to clean, allergy-friendly, hardwearing and has a high thermal mass, making it comfortable all year round.

And just like polished concrete, getting the honed concrete look is more affordable than you might think.

Myth Busted

We see a lot of concern and misconception among customers about the safety of using honed concrete outdoors.

Contrary to popular belief, honed concrete is naturally slip resistant.

Although the stunning sleek look of honed concrete may appear otherwise, honed concrete is suitable for uncovered outdoor areas and pool surrounds.

Professional installation and finishing along with proper maintenance and care will ensure a safe outdoor landscaping option that stands the test of time.

Of course, any surface can become difficult to walk on if wet, so always ensure your outdoor area, although weatherproof, is routinely cleared of water run-off.


Decorative outdoor concrete, like honed concrete, is easy to clean and maintain.

Regular sweeping or light hosing is adequate for cleaning concrete, but if in doubt, always ask a professional concrete installer what other options they recommend.

Honed concrete is an increasingly popular outdoor landscaping and building material, providing a unique and customisable solution for backyards, patios, paths and pool surrounds.

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