Applications of Geostone Coloured

Pool Surrounds

Geostone coloured concrete is a great choice for your pool surrounds. Why not consider using it as a border or pattern amongst Geostone exposed or honed concrete paving.


For those who want the strength of concrete but with colour options to suit any colour pallet, coloured concrete is the perfect option. There are many design and finish options available that will make choosing the right colour to enhance your home an enjoyable project.


Continue your Geostone coloured concrete driveway through to your pathways to ensure a flowing look and feel - or change the colour to highlight different aspects of your home’s colour palette.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Geostone coloured concrete is an excellent choice for all your outdoor entertaining areas. With its strength, durability and myriad of colour and design options, Geostone coloured concrete is sure to impress.

Benefits of Geostone Coloured

Created through adding fine particle colour pigments at the mixing stage to create a full depth colour concrete that once sealed is weather and UV resistant, making it ideally suited for driveways, pathways and outdoor entertaining areas. Select just one shade or combine several together to create a distinctive pattern. Choose your finish – a broom finish provides an attractive, hard-wearing and textured surface while a trowel finish can create a swirl effect that is both durable and unique.

If you don’t know where and how you should apply your Geostone Coloured concrete solutions in your home, we have lots of ideas that may help you to decide what’s right for you. Because it is a versatile and durable product, Geostone Coloured concrete can be used in many different spaces. Common areas outside that can be brought to life by Geostone Coloured Concrete include your driveway and patio. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at some of the applications that we have helped to create for previous customers right here. They can give you further inspiration and maybe even show you some possibilities that you did not think of originally. If you would like to discuss your project ideas to see if this is the perfect solution for your needs, feel free to contact us today.