Augustine Heights – Geostone Competition Winner

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Augustine Heights – Geostone Competition Winner

A unique blend of 60’s architecture and modern industrial design has inspired a modern family home with clean lines, monotone colour palette, warm timber accents and award winning polished concrete.

In 2019, Geostone held a competition to find the best use of Geostone in Australia. Salt Construction’s home came out on top and we caught up with winners Shaun and Emma who took time to tell us what they love about their home.

Why did you utilise concrete as the signature design material for your house?

I have always loved concrete and the elements it offers, the hardness, sleeked finish and the overall seamlessness and continuity that it gives the home

Why did you choose Geostone?

I love Geostone, what it has to offer in terms of colours, stone and all the available products.

What is it like coming home to Geostone?

I love it, it’s so us, we feel at home in this space. With kids could you not ask for a better floor and it has a wow factor when the light hits it! Cheers to Emma and Shaun for giving us a tour of their beautiful family home and demonstrating the versatility of Geostone.

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