How To Maintain Polished Concrete

A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to keeping your polished concrete floors in their best condition. Prized for their ultra-contemporary look and durability, their timeless style and robust build make them one of the most popular home finishings. For residences and businesses wanting effortless flooring solutions that accommodate busy lifestyles and operations, polished concrete requires as little effort and hassle as possible.

Unlike tiles and floorboards, which can both be finicky and time-consuming to clean, polished concrete maintenance couldn’t be easier. So why not read our guide to discover more about how you can keep your polished concrete in tip-top condition and maintain its premium look for longer?

  • Spot cleaning

If your home is blessed with the joys of children or you enjoy entertaining, spills and little accidents will be a part of life. It’s essential that you clean spills immediately after they happen or as soon as you notice them. When left to steep on your polished concrete floors, they can get ingrained into its porous surface and leave a strain that can be tough to remove. But with a quick wipe from a damp cloth, you can remove a messy spill and a trip hazard.

Pay particular attention to acidic liquids like soft drinks, marinades and salad dressings which can deteriorate and dull the refined, polished surface of your floor. Like any flooring, spot cleaning is essential for proper polished concrete maintenance floors and benchtops.

  • Dry mopping

Dry mopping your floors is one of the best ways to maintain polished concrete and protect its finish. Use a non-abrasive cloth like a microfibre pad to collect dust, dirt and dry debris, which can scour the finish of your polished concrete floors and lose its lustre over time.

Polished concrete floors will add premium furnishing to your home. With its gloss finish and speckled earthy aggregate, your polished concrete flooring deserves to be shown off. Simply glide a dry mop over your surfaces to remove unwanted dust and watch your floors shine.

  • Wet mopping

If you need to know how to maintain polished concrete floors, you’re in the right place. To see your floors really sparkle, a wet mop is key. Using water and a neutral Ph cleaner, glide your mop over your floors to wash away caked-on dirt, dust and debris. Try a specialist floor cleaner that’s designed to suspend grime to stop your mop from just moving the dirt around your floors.

While it may be tempting to go the extra mile with bleach or a citrus-based cleaner, these are too powerful for polished concrete and could tarnish your beautiful floors. Polished concrete is easy to clean and doesn’t require the strength of heavy-duty products or their unpleasant smells.

Enjoy your home

The maintenance of polished concrete floors is incredibly easy and fast — you’ll probably spend more time arguing whose turn it is. For busy lives that require homes and flooring with little upkeep, get in touch with Geostone’s trusted installers to give you a high-impact, polished concrete floor that will complement your home and lifestyle.

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