Making the Connection: Pathways Linking Outdoor Areas

The humble pathway should never be taken for granted. Whether you have a cosy beachside bungalow or sumptuous palatial mansion, the front pathway leading up to your house or garden offers the very first impression of what your home is all about. Pathways are a very important part of your outdoor landscape in the way they function – a safe walking surface between garden beds or encircling the house to give unhindered access to operational equipment such as the hot water system, air-conditioning unit and meter box.

But pathways can be both enchanting and practical at the same time and you should think of them as a continuation of everything you love about your outdoor areas. You can maximise the charm of a pathway by having it reflect the colours and textures that define the look and feel of your home. Fine-looking pathways interconnect, they tease and invite while offering a glimpse of the garden world and poolside oasis that lies just around the corner. Pathways can be close and snug to the house perimeters or meandering trails snaking through your gardens. And they can come in a multitude of different shapes and styles from simple gravel tracks bordered by railway sleepers, or stepping-stone walkways where each piece has a unique shape. Perhaps the most versatile of all pathway materials is beautiful and resilient decorative concrete.

Whether straight, curved or paved, the secret to a great path is in its design. Decorative concrete is an easy and economically viable way to ensure your pathways complement and enhance the design elements of each and every part of your home. Exposed aggregate concrete and honed concrete are two materials worth considering if you’re looking for affordable, durable and handsome pathway solutions.


Tough, weather-proof and if properly sealed, stain-resistant, the dazzling stony surface of exposed aggregate concrete offers plenty of grip and can handle as much foot-traffic as you can stamp on it. And that extra grip holds up in wet conditions too, making exposed aggregate the perfect choice for your pool and spa surrounds. Pathways made of exposed aggregates, the crushed granite and natural stones that form part of the concrete mix, are extremely strong and long lasting. There are plentiful tones, textures and types of aggregate materials available for you to choose from and these will let you mix and match the styles and colours of the delightful corridors that thread all your outdoor areas together.


A slip-resistant concrete surface that withstands the harsh Australian climate while maintaining its lustre and stylish feel. The installation process involves the cutting back of the concrete surface to the desired level and then it is refined using progressively finer grades of abrasive. The end result is the exquisite finish you would expect of the finest indoor surfaces. There is no better way to introduce the refined look and feel of a contemporary designer floor to your outdoor spaces. A honed concrete pathway can be installed on either a new or existing slab of concrete and is a perfect choice for the transition areas adjoining indoors to outdoors, or for when you want to turn your humble garden path into the standout feature of the garden.

Pathways made of decorative concrete require minimal maintenance. Keeping the dressed-up entries to your home and thoroughfares about your property clean and tidy will never be easier.