Backyard Week on The Block, featuring Geostone Half Moon Exposed

Geostone & The Block Feature: “Backyard Week”

As proud supporters of The Block, it was an exciting moment for us last night as one of our Geostone products was featured on The Block in Episode 46: “Backyard Week”.

The team were filmed doing an excellent job pouring our Half Moon (VIC) Exposed mix, to achieve a salt & pepper look on their Block driveway. You can view the Half Moon mix on our website here.

The Half Moon product featured is only available in Victoria, as we use all-local stones sourced from the area. If you’re not in Victoria and are loving this mix, take a look at the Half Moon Similar Products page. Use the filters to enter your state and region, to find a look-alike in your area.

Calling our product ‘the best in the market’, the team shared a couple of benefits of our exposed concrete driveway products, including their durability and skid-resistance.

Check us out on 9NOW here and keep an eye out for our Geostone mixing truck at 8:57!

Image below: Geostone Half Moon (VIC) Exposed mix

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