Geostone™ polished concrete flooring by Holcim

Bring the outdoors in.

Ever walked on a marble floor in bare feet? This is what a Geostone polished floor can feel like underfoot. Pure luxury. But that’s only half the story. Polished concrete can add a range of practical bene ts to your next building project that your clients will love, including easy cleaning, lower maintenance, hypoallergenic and high thermal mass. Best of all, it will hold its natural beauty for years to come.

By fusing the integrity of concrete with the uniqueness of Australian stone, Geostone polished is the perfect solution for creating a contemporary yet classic internal finish that will help your customers reconnect with the earth. Polished concrete is designed specifically for indoor living areas around the home, and as such it’s perfect for installation in the living room, dining room and even the kitchen.

Designers and homeowners alike are increasingly recognising the importance of flooring materials for both their aesthetic and performance qualities. Geostone brand ambassador Peter Colquhoun, resident architect on the television series Better Homes & Gardens, believes the interconnection of floor surfaces is one the easiest ways to achieve a seamless, more spacious look and feel to any home. ‘Architects generally start by trying to work out how spaces interconnect because our eyes are constantly referring to our feet and the surface over which we are moving,’ he says.

‘Good design speaks to more than just the eye – it speaks to the heart and natural surfaces do this best. The floor plan and how that works is always the key and the success or failure of any design hinges on getting this right. The floor is what connects and defines everything – it is constantly looked at and connected with. How it feels and reflects light sets up the whole impression of a space.’

Holcim Australia is investing in the decorative concrete category with Geostone. Our new and improved range of decorative concrete products is widely available across Australia in a full range that encompasses exposed for durable driveways, pathways and landscaping, honed for comfort in outdoor entertaining areas from patio to poolside, as well as polished for sheer pleasure underfoot in any internal room.

Holcim Australia provides builders and designers with the support needed to capitalize on this growing category including a range of sales tools and materials that can be used to build your business and help your customers select with confidence. Key materials include; the inspirational product display at the HIA selection centre in Fyshwick. A new website designed to educate, inspire and make selection easier. A suite of materials including a glossy national brochure, range sheets by region, handy hints and tips, a simple best practice guide, fan decks and sample cards.

To experience the power of Geostone in person, visit the new product display at the HIA Home Inspirations Centre, 28 Collie St Fyshwick ACT or call Holcim on 02 6285 5300. For more information, please browse our website.

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