Your Concrete Playground

Creating a Family-Friendly Backyard Kids Will Love

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the backyard could be considered the soul.

It’s the scene of celebrations, family gatherings and quiet contemplation. And for families, the backyard serves as the children’s own private playground.

Backyards should be both functional and inviting, and a safe and fun outdoor space is on the wishlist of every family-friendly home.

Geostone’s decorative concrete can be used in a variety of ways to define your outdoor space, and create a playground that is safe and suitable for the whole family.

Whether you’re looking to build a patio, create pathways or even construct a concrete playground, decorative concrete combines durability and functionality with beautiful colours and designs to suit every home.


One of the most important things to consider when designing a backyard is the durability of the materials you use. Landscaping is always a big task, so you’ll want your work to last.

Geostone decorative concrete is hard-wearing, low-maintenance, and weatherproof, making it the perfect solution for any area of your backyard.

The Geostone Exposed Aggregate, Coloured Concrete, and Honed Concrete options are all suitable for use outdoors, giving you plenty of options to choose from.


Decorative concrete is a popular material for driveways, garages, pathways, patios and pool surrounds, while polished concrete makes for a perfect indoor flooring solution.

Concrete also has a long list of outdoor uses you might not have thought of, such as steps, retaining walls, garden beds, sand pits, children’s play areas, and even furniture including dining tables and benches.

With so many potential applications for decorative concrete, what you choose to create in your concrete playground is only limited by your imagination.


Families want a backyard that can withstand the daily demands of children and pets, while accommodating the needs of the rest of the family.

Geostone’s decorative concrete is stain-resistant and when correctly prepared slip-resistant, making it a popular choice for families – even in wet areas.

Slip-resistant surfaces mean less accidents resulting in injuries, which is a prime concern for every family. While scrapes and bruises are always a part of growing up, Geostone’s honed and polished concrete offers a sleek, smoother surface, while even the exposed aggregate range feels comfortable underfoot.

The result is a truly family-friendly landscaping and flooring solution that both children and pets will love.

Defining your Space

While it’s important to accommodate children and pets, the grown-ups need an outdoor space they can enjoy too. That might incorporate a garage or workshop, a spa or swimming pool, or an adults-only sunken seating area with a fire pit.

Defining each area can make for a relaxed space to entertain guests, while still being able to keep an eye on little ones.

Consider how decorative concrete can be used to define your outdoor space, and help you achieve the perfect balance of fun, and functionality, for every member of the family.

Product Pairing

Natural building materials such as timber and stone create a dramatic contrast with decorative coloured concrete and exposed aggregate. When choosing the colour of your decorative concrete, think about the other materials you might use with or alongside it. Although you might not be thinking of selling in the near future, it pays to think about the kerbside appeal of your property now. Studies show a landscape upgrade can dramatically increase resale value, and fresh, neutral colours often maximise returns.

Choosing the Right Surface

As well as its practicality, decorative concrete is an aesthetically pleasing product that can be tailored to suit the colour scheme and style of any home. You can choose from a variety of coloured, exposed aggregate, or polished and honed concrete to make your outdoor space not only functional, but beautiful.


Plain grey concrete is no longer your only option. The Geostone Coloured Concrete range offers a range of colours to choose from, which creates a rainbow of opportunities for crafting fun children’s play areas from concrete.

Choosing the best coloured concrete for your home might mean complementing or contrasting the existing colour scheme of your home, blending in with the natural surrounds, or finding a colour that really stands out.


Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for a range of outdoor applications. Like all Geostone products, exposed concrete is durable and slip resistant. It features natural Australian stone aggregates exclusive to your local area, giving it a unique and personal touch.

The available colours and stone combinations vary depending on the region, so we recommend searching for your area on our Regional Selector to see the options available to you.

Polished and Honed

Polished or honed concrete is becoming increasingly popular for patios and pool surrounds, as well as dining tables and benchtops in outdoor kitchens.

The high-sheen sleek surface provides the ultimate in style, while offering the same durability, low maintenance and slip resistance of all Geostone products.

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